Sometimes we embark on initiatives of our own. This can mean launching completely new ventures, or partnering with brilliant entrepreneurs to provide funding, amplification or expertise. These are typically high-risk projects with the potential to drive significant positive impact on a global scale. We believe this is unexplored territory in a world where nonprofits avoid financial risk, and venture capitalists focus only on financial returns.



Increasing our speed can never compensate for heading in the wrong direction. We believe a better society comes from wiser decisions and actions. Therefore 29k aims to democratize personal growth by combining the best empirical experience, research and tech.


impact week

On September 16th–19th 2019 Stockholm became the world’s center for startups that make the world a better place, giving them the attention they truly deserve.A week filled with intellectual conversations and meaningful meetings that gathers CEOs, policymakers, top talents, entrepreneurs, and startups under the same roof with the purpose of inspiring everyone to take action and be a driving force for change.



Klarity engages citizens in exposing everyday corruption. 1 out of 4 people around the world have to pay bribes to access public services. Klarity aims to give them a voice.



The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a global pandemic. We are experiencing the worst public health crisis in a generation. Norrsken Foundation and Sweden’s leading business newspaper Dagens Industri has launched a joint venture to support initiatives that can improve the situation for the sick, for the healthcare system, or for the billions of people affected. Through Actions against Corona, Norrsken connects initiatives with financial support as well as partners, authorities and volunteers. Grants and investments come from the Norrsken Foundation and from Norrsken VC, which invests in companies that solve social problems.



We translated the 99 biggest Swedish listed companies’ impact into a language that everyone can understand: 💰 The model isn’t fully developed, but it’s a first step in the right direction.



ABC Labs was created in Spring 2020 in a direct response to challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to the Swedish healthcare system. The company, which provides rapidly scalable, state-of-the-art PCR and ELISA testing, was initially built and deployed over seven weeks. It now consistently represents up to 25% of all national testing for Covid-19 with over 2.7 million tests completed.



Stem cell therapy will revolutionize healthcare as we know it. Norrsken Foundation is a founding partner in Cellcolabs, a venture originally set up by investment company Takura. Our vision is to dramatically scale up the production of mesenchymal stem cells, making them available at much lower cost and for a much wider range of treatments than currently.



The world needs better role-models. That's why we created the Impact/100. It's an annual ranking of the world's most promising impact startups. It exists to spotlight and make role-models out of the visionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world for the better. Because if they win, we all win.


norrsken mind

With global rates of mental health issues like depression, anxiety and addiction remaining high, current treatments are struggling to keep up. Despite research into psychedelic-assisted treatments showing great promise, the field continues to be under-funded and plagued by stigma. That is why we’re proud to launch Norrsken Mind: Psychedelic Science Initiative. A Swedish non-profit initiative focused on supporting research on psychedelic-assisted treatments.